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For over 25 years we have prided ourselves on supplying our customers with the very best quality LED lighting for Amusement Rides and Attractions.

With the recent influx of cheap poor quality products from across the world, it has become even clearer to businesses like ourselves that we must continue to strive to supply only the best. Yes the best quality costs more, but the saying " Buy Cheap, Buy Twice " has never been truer in our experience.

We can supply complete lighting packages for any type of Amusement Ride or Attraction. Signage, Floodlights and LED tuning for Dodgem Cars. We have in stock spare LED Lamps and Bulbs and have constant regular shipments from all our suppliers meaning we can get what you need fast without any fuss.

We proudly supply some of the biggest Theme Parks and Amusement Parks in the UK with our products and we will continue to only supply the very best.

Take a look below at the variety of products we can offer. 


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