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Customise your Dodgem Cars with a Super Tuning RGB Lighting System.


This system is suitable to all Dodgem Car models and manufacturers.  The stand out feature is the amazing car pole cover, which is programmed to create many different lighting effects, according to your needs, making your Dodgems unique and original.  We also supply Under Car LED Bars and Front, Rear and Side Spot Lights. This can all be controlled by yourself by using a remote controller which consists of a wireless keyboard allowing you to manage the lighting effect you want.


Please click on the PDF below to take a look at our Tuning Brochure.

You can enquire about any of our LED Tuning products by clicking the enquiry link below.


LED Pole Covers

Car Pole Covers 1 metre in length equipped with 6 or 8 LED Stripes and its diameter is adaptable from 20mm up to 37mm pole.

  • 6 LED Stripes, 354 RGB LEDs

  • 8 LED Stripes, 472 RGB LEDs

Total Synchronisation between all Poles.

The LEDs are supplied with a control box installed under each car.

  • Control box for Adult cars 60 -  160 vdc

  • Control box for Mini cars 18 - 75 vdc

The control box allows total synchronisation between all cars. If for example, during a bump the lights on one car lose synchronisation for a few seconds, the system grants that the light sequence restart with the same timing as on the other cars.

The tuning can be installed on the front and rear of the cars or on the lower sides and underneath cars with a LED bars in a customised shape.

These are managed through the same remote controller used for the Poles.

Its is also possible to synchronise the lights with the music, that is the music on the cars with the tracks on the users computer.


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