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Ghost Trains

We can supply Spare Parts for various makes of Ghost Trains. Either from stock or direct from Manufactures on our regular Import Service. This saves you time and cost of Transport as we consolidate our Orders into one shipment.

All Parts available from Motors to Wheels to Bumpers and Inner Tubes.

Many Parts kept here in our stores in Warwick.

The List of Parts below is just a sample of what we can supply. Many other parts are available.

You can enquire about any Ghost Train parts by clicking the enquiry link below.

Rear Wheel Complete
Part No : 2050 ( Old Version )
Complete Wheel
Part No : 2070

Ghost Train Complete Wheel for Bertazzon train cars.

For more details and prices please contact us on email : or call us on 01926 833233
Shaft 290mm - C & S
Part No : CS009
Motor Barrel - Bertazzon
Part No : 2002
Front Wheel
Guide Roller
Recovered Wheels
L.H Ratchet
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Dark Ride Sales

We can supply new bodies or complete new Ghost train cars. Made to customers own specification.

Ghost Trains

We are proud representatives of C and S srl of Italy for the UK and Ireland. 

New Dark Rides

Ghost Trains 2 and 4 seaters