We can supply Ride Spares for all Zamperla Rides either from stock or direct from Italy on our regular Import Service. This saves you time and cost of Transport as we consolidate our Orders into one shipment.

The List of Parts below is just a sample of what we can supply. Many other parts are available.

You can enquire about any  Zamperla products by clicking the enquiry link below.

Bull Ring Wheel with Hub - Disk O Coaster
Part No : 9482001029A - Wheel

Part No : 9482001028A - Hub
Top Arm Pins - JumpAround
Part No : 947400301B
Lower Arm Pin - JumpAround
Part No : 9474003015a
Switch Plate - Demolition Derby
Part No : 9425089001A
Diode 600v 240a - Convoy Ride
Part No : 156000501
Seat Cover - Disk'o Coaster
Part No : V001218007A
Part No : V001218008A
Bull Ring Wheel - Disk'o Coaster
Part No : 9482001029A
Handlebar Rubbers - Disk'o Coaster
Part No : 146002801
Guide Wheel - Disk'o Coaster
Part No : 143540
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