ie park

We can supply Ride Spares for all IE Park Rides either from stock or direct from Italy on our regular Import Service. This saves you time and cost of Transport as we consolidate our Orders into one shipment.

The List of Parts below is just a sample of what we can supply. Many other parts are available.

You can enquire about any IE Park ride parts or products by clicking the enquiry link below.

Clevis Pin - JR30 Coaster
Wheel - Tea Cups
Part No : 5130TR72200750G
Wheel Hub - Tea Cups
Part No : 2STG1020000
Steering Wheel - Tea Cups
Part No : 2STG1031000
Steering Hub - Tea Cups
Part No : 2STG1032000
Side Wheel Pin - JR30 Coaster
Swivel Joint Telecombat
Motor Drive Brake - Safari Jeep Ride
Brushholder Miniflight
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