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At Amusement Park Spares we can supply parts for many different types of Amusement and Fairground ride. Whether it be for a Coaster or Dodgem Car.

Below is a selection of parts for rides that are a lot less common here in the UK. 

Are you having trouble sourcing parts for one of your rides?

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We have built relationships with many ride manufacturers of many years so there really are not many parts we can not source.

Lap Belt - Safeco Frogs
Part No : SAF003
Female Belt - Safeco Frogs
Part No : SAF001
Male Inertia Reel - Safeco Fogs
Part No : SAF002
Fabbri Drop Tower Trolley Wheels
Tagada Electro Valve with Coil
SDC Tagada - Neumatic Electro Valve with Coil
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