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Amusement Park Spares is a Leading Supplier of Mats to the Leisure Industry. We offer a Variety of Mats for use on most types of Indoor and Outdoor Slides.

  • Sacks for Tube Slides Available in 4ft x 36" or 5ft x 36

  • Slide Bags from Coir with Cloth Lining complete with Rope Handle and Pocket for riders feet

  • Slide Mats Woven for use on Traditional Helter Skelter and Square Slips

You can enquire about any of our Slide Matting products by clicking the enquiry link below.

Landing Mats

  • Bottom Landing Mats made to size. Available in 1" , 1. 1/2" ,  1. 3/4" , 2" Thickness

  • Standard Sizes 6 ft x 3 ft,  6 ft x 4 ft ,  8 ft x 4 ft. 

PVC Landing Mats

PVC Backed Landing Mats made to size . Available in 17 , 20 , 24 and 30 mm Thickness.

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