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Dodgem  refurbishment

We offer different levels of refurbishment. From a basic refurb, where we fault find and replace any worn parts, to a complete car overhaul, where all worn parts are replaced including, tyres, wheels, wire brushes, and wiper tops. Plus any damaged upholstery, servicing of motors, full chassis and body overhaul, including all electrics and wiring. 

All work is carried out in house here in Warwick.


Service and refurbishment to all makes of dodgem cars.


 Bertazzon, Barbieri, C & S, Soli and Reverchon. Adult, Midi and Mini cars.

Our many years experience working on dodgem cars guarantees your car will receive first class workmanship backed by knowledge and experience. From a single car to a complete set we can accommodate to your needs.

You can view some of our most recent jobs in the pictures below and see the different stages that these particular jobs entailed.

To discuss any future refurbishments or repairs please click on Contact us and fill in the form below.

Midi Barbieri Dodgem - Before
Midi Barbieri Dodgem - During
Midi Barbieri Dodgem - After
C & S Second Hand Cars - During a basic clean up of cars, ready for a new home.