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Amusement Park Spares Ltd are proud to be working in conjunction with Fun-LED in Italy as U.K. Distributor for LED RGB Lighting Packages. From Dodgem Cars and Pay Boxes to Rides and Signage.

Fun-Led RGB lighting system is a range products for the customisation of any type of Amusement Park, Theme Park or Fairground attraction.

This system is based on the use of RGB LEDs that can be pre-programmed and plug & play or controllable with a multifunction remote controller. All  products are designed and Made in Italy in order to ensure reliability and high quality.

The programming software has been developed, which allows to program all the light and color effects by customising any single ride on the basis of each customer’s needs. Customers are able to make their ride unique and stand out from all the others.

Below you will find some of the fantastic products we can offer you. And take the opportunity to check out the new for 2019 Fun-Spots, Fun-Module Lamps and Floodlighting products.

You can enquire about any of our Fun-LED products by clicking the enquiry link below.

Fun-Bulb Family

Fun-Bulb is a family of LED bulb lamps designed to serve the Amusements world specifically the world of Amusement Rides.

Lamps are designed and produced in Italy with first choice materials, the like of Osram Leds and Polyurethane Resins.


Fun-Bulb 9

Can be supplied with E14 or E10 sockets to fit the specific Cabochon Cap used. Fit all Cabochons on the market,

Operative modes are Plug and Play and Fun-LED Remote Controllable versions


All lamps are equipped with 9 RGB or White LEDs 

Fun-Bulb 9


Fun-Spot is a family of round lamps, created to serve the amusement world and, in general, the world of amusement rides.

The family is composed of 5 formats which differentiate in diameter: 30456075 and 100 mm and 3 operative modes: Plug&PlayControllable Pixel and Controllable SMART

The optoelectronics range from a minimum of 3 LEDs to a maximum of 60 LEDs according to the dimension of the lamp.

Each lamp can be supplied with RGB or Mono-Colour LEDs.

The lamps are totally designed and produced in Italy with first choice materials such as the OSRAM LED, polyurethane resins and gold-plated connection contacts and they are intended for both an indoor and outdoor use.