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motor  service & sales

We have over 30 years experience in repairing, servicing and the sales of Dodgem Car and Amusement Ride Motors.


 We undertake servicing to motors. This involves collection, stripping down of motors, assessing and quote.

No work is carried out without prior agreement

We also stock Parts for all types of motors.

Scroll down the page to view our Motors page and Contact us by clicking the Enquiry form below.

Dodgem Motors

All Types of Dodgem Motors 48V & 90V Repaired & Serviced


All work Guaranteed 

We can arrange collection/delivery at a competitive price.



C & S

IE Park Soli 


Spare Parts in stock for all Motors.

Brushes, Springs, Bearings and much more.

New motors

We Supply New Motors for various types of Amusement Rides :

  • Dodgems

  • Ghost Trains

  • Formula Toys

  • Trains

  • Coasters

If your looking for new motors contact us using the enquiry form below. All motors we supply are the original manufactured motor specific to the ride its need for.

We have constant regular shipments from all of our suppliers, so we can get the motor you need fast and without fuss.

Second Hand Motors

We often have Second Hand motors here in stock, that we have reconditioned.

Currently we have 4 Barbieri Dodgem Car Motors that we reconditioned.

Anybody interested in selling or buying Second Hand motors please contact us. 

Thanks for submitting!

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