Dodgem sales

Amusement Park Spares Ltd are proud to be UK representatives for a number of Dodgem Car manufacturers. With over 25 years cooperation we can supply customers with the latest models of Dodgem Cars including Adult, Midi and Mini ranges. 

We have an ever growing product range and we can offer customers adult Dodgem cars, medium size ( midi ) and mini models for children. And not to mention the many custom themed cars produced over the years.

Latest additions to the range are the Mini Twitty car and new for 2019 the Viper adult car.

Along with Dodgem Car sales we can offer :

  • Second Hand cars

  • Dark Ride Vehicles ( 2 seater or 4 )

  • Indoor / Outdoor Tracks

  • Carousels

If you are looking for a new set of cars or any other of the products we can offer please do not hesitate to contact us. 

For more information on the new Viper car or any other model car please email or call 01926 833233



Viper America
Viper Metallic Colours
Viper Spec Red
Viper Spec Orange
Viper Spec Green
Viper Spec Blue
Viper Spec Yellow
Viper Metallic Red
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Twitty Martini
Twitty America
Twitty M&M
Twitty Pirrelli
Twitty Red Bull KTM
Twitty Abarth
Twitty Watsapp
Twitty AMG
Twitty Playboy
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Mini Twitty Insta
Mini Twitty Ice
Mini Twitty Batman
Mini Twitty Barbie
Mini Twitty Fire
Mini Twitty Taxi
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Midi Race Pirelli
Midi Race Syntium
Midi Race Petronas
Midi Race Mercedes
Midi Race Ferrari
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