Amusement Park Spares Ltd are have been supplying Cabochon Lights for over 20 years to the UK Amusement Ride Industry. We can supply either from stock or direct from Italy on our regular Import Service. Various of makes of Cabochon can be supplied, from ECO and VSV to Imel Park. This saves you time and cost of Transport as we consolidate our orders into one shipment.  

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E10 Cabochons

A extremely reliable product which is resistant to accidental damage and unscrewing of the pieces thanks to its sturdier construction and improved thread. Excellent Quality. All the sockets used are certified to CE and UL Standards.

Perfect for all Amusement Rides.

E14 Cabochons

The Characteristics of this product are identical to those of Model E10 but this version is larger. All the sockets are certified to CE and UL Standards.

Cabochon Kits

We also supply Cabochons in complete kit form including your chosen Lamp or LED.

All our LEDs and Lamp are Italian made giving customers a quality and reliable product. 

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