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We are pleased to be able to announce to


We are pleased to be able to announce to our UK customers that we can now supply not just Dodgem Cars but a large range of different new and used Amusement Rides and Attractions 

From Junior Coasters and Log Flumes to Ghost Trains/Dark Rides plus many custom designed rides such as Tracked Train Rides or Battery Powered Cars.

If your looking for a new attraction why not contact us.

Keep your eyes peeled throughout 2020 for more details.

Below are more detailed descriptions of the various rides we have to offer. Along with used rides.


El Dorado Train

El Dorado is a large train suitable for Parks with a route between 800 m and 3000 m in length.

Powered by a 80 hp diesel engine, the locomotive can tow up to 6 carriages carrying a total capacity of 100/120 people. Wheelchairs can also be loaded on a specifically open carriage.

The pneumatically operated automatic doors on both sides of the carriages allow easy operation and fast loading / unloading on tracks with intermediate stops.

El Dorado requires tracks type S18 DIN 5901, gauge 845 mm (33 1/3 in), maximum recommended slope 2.0% and a minimum turning radius of 15 m (49 ft), measured on the track’s centre line.

Train 6.jpg
Italian Dream 7.jpg

Italian Dream

Streamlined body in the best Italian tradition, confortably padded seats with natural leather finish, carbon-look dashboard, shining colors, roaring engine sound, are coupled to a very sturdy chassis. Powertrain is composed by a 48 Volt DC Li-Ion battery pack able to power the vehicle from 6 to 8 hours before it needs to be re-charged. Battery feeds a 6 Kw AC motor via an eletronic drive unit (inverter) and it’s recharged tanks to a on-board battery charger. Charger is fed at 380 Volt three-phases AC power via wire and plug or thanks to a power pick-up (optional). A center guide rail bolted to the road keeps vehicle on course still leaving enough freedom of movement on both sides, for an enhanced driving experience.

Italian Dream 3.jpg
Dark Ride 1.jpg

Dark Rides

Dark Ride/Ghost Train rides can be made to you the customers own specifications.

Whether it's a completely new ride your looking for or just new bodies for your existing cars, we can help.

Any customisation designed and produced.

C & S Carousel.jpg


Carousel rides can be made to you the customers own specifications.

Ideal for Amusement Parks or Indoor Amusements.

Any customisation designed and produced.