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We can supply a number of different types of LED's and Lamps. Below is a selection of the types we have in Stock. 


We only stock the best, top quality Italian Osram LED's.  12v to 240v LED's in stock ready for next day delivery.

If what you are looking for is not shown below. Don't worry, Please call our Office and we will try our best to help you.


You can enquire about any products by clicking the enquiry link below.

Click on the PDF below to view even more products.


LED Ranges

Complete range of LED lamps produced in Italy using Osram LEDs. Top Quality and Dependability. Quick delivery and no minimum order required.

A range of E14 and E10 lamps either encapsulated or resined.

Colours available : Warm White, Cool White, Red, Blue, Green and Fuchsia. 

All products are made in Italy to ensure the highest levels of quality are met.

For more information on any of the below products please get in touch.

Butlins Bognor Lighthouse Slip LEDs
E14 Esaled Lamp.jpg


ESALED is a range of RGB LED Lamp, available in E10, E14, Clip-spot, Focus (MR11 & MR16 ) and NOVA that allows exquisite and spectacular multicolour effects. Thanks to these versions, ESALED can meet all application requirements, from a big amusement ride to a tiny token operated game.


The main features are: 24V/3W power supply. 6 Osram RGB LEDs. Coded 24VAC Model from 8 to 20 channels and no control unit. 24VdC Model with control unit for maximum richness and yield of the lighting effects.  Made in Italy.


Clip Spot 50mm

 Clip-spot 50mm lamps


The main features are: 24V/1.5w power supply. 12 Osram RGB LEDs. Watertight with sturdier construction for exposed areas. Flat at the back and simple and quick to assemble.

 Made in Italy.

Cabochon Nova 51.jpg

Cabochon Nova 51

 Cabochon Nova 51 lamps


The main features are: Extremely compact lamp, both in front and rear, IP65 sealed construction. Custom effects, up to 24 channels or 24 x 24 ( matrix). Clear or frosted lense. Available as RGB, Strobo, Power white or single colour. RGB with controller or pre-programmed. Sizes d=53mm, h=13mm.

 Made in Italy.

Cabochon Nova 70.jpg

Cabochon Nova 70

 Cabochon Nova 70 lamps


The main features are: Brighter. Quicker to assemble, IP65 watertight construction. Compact and sturdy for exposed assemblies. Clear or frosted lense. Available as RGB, Strobo, Power white or single colour.  Sizes d=70mm, h=22mm.

 Made in Italy.

Focus 1.jpg

Focus MR11/MR16

 Focus 50mm / 35mm


Foucs Lamps replace the LED and halogen dichroic lamps with no modification but with many advantages. The SMD LEDs are used for FOCUS, it has captivating and efficient optics and is resinated so completely water resistant.. Offering also greater brightness and a longer life.

Available in Cold White, Blue, Red and Fuchsia. 

24VAC/DC 1,5W

Sizes d=50mm ( 12 LED ) or 35mm ( 10 LED )

 Made in Italy.

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